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─── Master Data Management technology ───

InfoStore™ provides a mechanism to capture data in a controlled environment, rather than resorting to an end user computing application such as a spreadsheet.  These circumstances arise where organizations need to capture data for use in business processes where there is no IT system available, and, with the typical IT backlog,  there is no short term solution available.  Then, when auditors review the business function, they find uncontrolled data issues.

The typical response is to place ineffective and cumbersome controls on the spreadsheet.  With InfoStore, spreadsheets are turned into database tables with a few easy steps.  End-User applications (EUCs) or User-Developed Applications (UDAs) are replaced with databases under the control of IT General Change Management processes and policies.  Access is limited and controlled to the appropriate business data owners.


  • Import data from spreadsheets or comma delimited files
  • Access is granted to authorized users
  • Data can be edited in an IT controlled environment
  • Review of data changes by second authorized user (optional)
  • Resulting data can be easily extracted into data warehouse or other applications.

Target Client

Organizations needing to replace spreadsheets with controlled IT systems due to audit findings or to follow data management best practices.


  • Total integration with InfoGov and InfoCheck.
  • Cloud or premise based installation options.


The product suite is available on a subscription basis or for on-premises purchase.  The toolset is also available as part of a bundled service offering that includes professional services for a fixed fee or on a customized basis.  Learn more.

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