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─── Fully encapsulated and reconciling data mart for financial institutions ───


provides a single version of truth that integrates predefined database structures with data quality controls and governance metadata to ensure a fully reconciled, pre-populated, managed data platform.  

Data Mark Kits are available for:

  • Loans
  • Debt
  • Derivatives
  • MPP / MPF
  • Investments
  • Legal Entity
  • General Ledger
  • Vendor Diversity Management
  • Third Party Data

We provide:

  • Fully tested and refined data base schema
  • Pre-defined governance metadata including business glossary definitions,  subject areas of data mapped to the business glossary, and data objects in the schema mapped to the business glossary
  • Business glossary definitions
  • Subject areas of data with associations to business glossary
  • Data objects in the data base schema mapped to business attributes
  • Pre-defined data controls comparing data base objects to client data sources
  • Fully auditable data capture tool for loading spreadsheet and manual input data into schema
  • All data captured and managed through our companion products, InfoGov® and InfoCheckTM.

You provide:

  • Organization metadata mapped to governance roles
  • Source data mapped to business glossary and loaded into staging area
  • Timing requirements for data control execution and control results distribution preferences

Target Client

Organizations needing to have a fully controlled reporting data environment for financial reporting and management decisions with automatic integration of governance and controls.


  • Total integration with InfoGov® and InfoCheckTM.
  • On-premise based installation option only due to accessing client data.


Software is available on a subscription basis.  The software is also available as part of a bundled service offering that includes professional services for a fixed fee or on a customized basis.

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