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───Data Warehouse and Reporting Environment ───

  • InfoMartTM  provides a controlled data and reporting environment. The technology provides a single version of truth that integrates predefined databases with our data quality controls and data governance architecture to ensure a fully reconciled, managed data platform. We provide the industry model, the reconciliation engine, the Data Governance controls and procedures, and the implementation support. You provide your data, preferred reporting tools, and existing controls and business processes. InfoMarts are currently available in the areas of Commercial Loans, Mortgage Products, Investments, Derivatives, Debt, Vendor Management, Affordable Housing, General Ledger, and Institution management. InfoMarts can be extended with your specific requirements, and new InfoMarts can be defined on demand.


    • Democratized single data source for enterprise reporting
    • Encapsulated data model for popular products
    • Data model is integrated with governance metadata through InfoGov.
    • Data is trustworthy via automated reconciliation controls through InfoCheck.
    • Data model is flexible for customization 

    Target Client

    Organizations needing to have a fully controlled reporting data environment for financial reporting and management decisions with automatic integration of governance and controls.  


    • Total integration with InfoGovInfoCheck and InfoStore.
    • On-premise based installation option only due to accessing client data.


    Software is available on a subscription basis.  The software is also available as part of a bundled service offering that includes professional services for a fixed fee or on a customized basis.  

    Next Steps

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