Our CEO and co-founder Steve Zagoudis has spent his career solving data issues in large organizations, working within organizations in key technology roles as well as in consulting organizations that he founded and built into going concerns.  During this 30+ year career he realized that to build an effective information driven organization you need to know your data, know who cares about it, make sure it is easily accessible, and assure that it is accurate and effectively controlled.   He also recognized the need for an easy to implement, non-IT-centric technology that could link these components together in a seamless fachion.   

Bill Nicksin

Our COO and co-founder, Bill Nicksin began his career in IT and Finance.   Bill worked in software development, data warehousing, Financial risk management analytics, E Commerce solutions, and service delivery management positions; eventually moving into a role as Chief Information Officer at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis.    

Bill and Steve initially connected on a series of major IT initiatives to  implement a comprehensive data warehouse, data governance, and reconciliation control solution at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis. That successful effort required a significant amount of IT and business resources to implement.

Later, Bill and Steve founded Information Governance Technologies, Inc. to build a comprehensive technology framework that integrated governance, reconciliation controls, and reporting solutions while requiring a minimum of IT resources to implement within a client organization.  The results are the IGT Suite.